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Cashflow Forecasting
Strategic Planning

Xero Software Training


We are Xero specialists and understand every nook and cranny of this software. We can provide you with up to date knowledge into the latest time saving tips and tricks to make sure you are getting the absolute best out of your subscription.


We can either run a one-on-one session, or join one of our regular classroom style refresher courses to make sure you stay ahead of the pack.


Accounting Software Warrant of Fitness


The world of cloud accounting software solutions is moving at a hectic pace. Software developers are constantly improving their products and it is difficult to keep pace with all these changes.


Recognising this challenge and to support you we offer a warrant of fitness service which looks at your current accounting and bookkeeping processes and offers solutions to save you time, improve the accuracy of your financial information and ensure you are taking advantage of any technological improvements available to your business.


Business Strategic Planning

Success is about planning and BM accounting want to help you define and achieve your business success.

Owners who seek to improve growth or profitability, and unlock future potential will benefit from a clear outline showing the pathway to success and a live document to measure progress.

Our facilitated sessions will help you develop personal and business goals, agree an action plan, determine the relevant KPIs to track, identify opportunities and threats and clarify the next steps to take.

This is a crucial requirement for any ambitious business owner.


Cashflow Forecasting


Every business owner knows that cash is king but very few have a clear forecast to allow for accurate planning and risk management.

BM Accounting’s forecasting process will allow you understand the cash flows of your business and introduce strategies for dealing with shortfalls and periods of cash tightness.


It enables owners to understand the key drivers in their business and how to improve overall stability and financial performance.


Business Owners who have clarity and control over their cash flow position have a far greater chance of sustained commercial success.


Management Reporting


Too often, business owners only see their accountant at year end tax time. BM Accounting are passionate about improving our clients businesses and this means providing financial clarity more regularly.


Our management reporting service will provide up to date financial reporting, clear commentary on current performance against budgets and some insights into opportunities and threats your business is currently facing. To make sure you fully understand this analysis, we love to do this face to face, rather than just sending out a generic and impersonal report.


If you want to know exactly what’s happening in your business right now, this service is a must have.


One-on-one Business Coaching


Being a business owner is often a challenging and lonely place to be. At BM Accounting we think you’re awesome and should be better supported for trying to grow something and provide opportunities for others.


Our one-on-one business coaching provides you with accountability and support to keep you on target to achieve the goals you have set in your business plan.

It allows you to have a regular discussion with an independent advisor to discuss opportunities and challenges. It will give your momentum to your thought process as we work together to problem solve current concerns and strategise for future opportunities.


Coaching Groups

As an alternative to one-on-one coaching, we offer coaching groups for up to eight non competitive business owners over a 3 month programme.

Your coaching group will be facilitated by a BM advisor and a number of other business professionals will lead discussions with your group during the series.

Your group of fellow business owners and BM facilitator provides a valuable networking resource as well as a sounding board for ongoing business discussions and strategies in your future.


Dashboarding and Data Analytics


Data is fast becoming the most powerful asset available to your business. Modern software and rapid technological advancements means business now has access to more data then it ever has before.


Businesses who are able to harness and successfully evaluate this data will have a huge competitive advantage over less nimble businesses.


At BM Accounting, we are focussed on creating operational solutions to allow businesses to surface their meaningful data and get it into useable formats to improve business decisions and overall financial success.


Clients using this service have been able to save time, improve opportunity taking and better understand their key success drivers and the impact on profitability and growth.

We know that this is a market leading service and a real opportunity for our clients in today’s fast moving, technology driven world.



Often business owners seek professional advice on how to maximise and realise the value of their business when they are looking to sell or retire.

At BM Accounting we think this conversation should happen with all business owners on a regular basis. Our valuation experts will help business owners understand the current value of their business and address any gap between their expectation and reality.

This service also seeks to address the key drivers that impact on business valuation and offers suggestions as to areas of focus to improve business stability, mitigate risks and drive business value upwards.

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