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Jason Toogood

Business Intelligence Specialist

Jason Toogood provides technical experience in the digital reporting and analytics space. Traditionally limited to IT departments in large corporations, Jason is able to deliver highly interactive customised reporting solutions to SMEs using the latest tools from Microsoft. These tools allow users to make informed decisions faster. He is passionate about helping local businesses to reach their potential and believes that adopting a data-driven, decision making culture leads to stronger businesses with more engaged teams. Jason is not just a computer geek. He comes from a farming background and has worked in a range of industries and organisations from tractor driving to strategic analysis. This experience coupled with a recent economics degree means he has knack for understanding the challenges each business faces and coming up with solutions that help business actually use their data. In using your business data properly, owners can understand what’s going on in real time, not waiting for financial reports at the end of each period. Working in partnership with your existing adviser Jason will help to unearth insights and provide greater understanding of your business in terms that you understand and can use to see real change and improvement. If you want to learn more and discuss how your business can benefit from these new technologies, please contact Jason.

DDI 06 651 9045
027 405 6396

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