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BM Accounting Work Life Balance
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BE MORE with BM Accounting


We are all about making Hawke’s Bay the best place in New Zealand to live and work.


We do this by supporting one business at a time; Supporting them to grow and improve; Helping owners achieve their financial and personal goals.


This doesn’t happen by just “doing accounts” and “crunching numbers”. We work collaboratively with our clients. We take time to get to know them and their businesses and create touch points and opportunities to solve business problems and plan for success.


Our team are creative and innovative. They love teaching clients and working with them on a regular and ongoing basis. They love meeting client expectations and then being “More”.


As a firm we treasure balance. We love working and living in the wonderful Hawke’s Bay. Family and leisure time are of the utmost importance and we welcome and support all flexible working opportunities for our team.


If this inspires and excites you, then contact us today to see how you can Be More with BM Accounting in 2023.

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