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forecasting workshop

This workshop is designed to give an introduction to driver-based forecasting using a Microsoft Excel Workbook.


The workshop will cover    understanding what a driver is and why we use these when forecasting, basic Excel formulas, benefits and limitations of forecast and how to conduct break even analysis.


There will be a maximum of 6 participants in each workshop and they will be held online using the Microsoft Teams platform.   



  • 1 ½ half workshop on building a high level driver-based forecast

  • 30 Minutes building basic driver-based forecast from scratch using Microsoft Excel

  • 15 Minutes working through more complex forecast to include seasonality and benefits of sensitivity testing

  • 15 Minutes break-even analysis for both profit and cash.

  • 30 Minutes Q&A


Building basic driver-based forecast from scratch in Microsoft Excel – 30 mins

  • Understand activity that drives sales within a business

  • Basic modelling of activity to generate high-level sales forecast using sales drivers

  • Understand difference between Overheads and Cost of Sales, importance of this definition

  • Basic modelling of cost of sales to generate high-level gross profit forecast

  • Basic modelling of overheads

  • Basic cash forecast including non-P&L cash items

  • Benefits and limitations of basic forecast that has been built.


Work through more complex forecast – 15 mins

  • Showcase additional level of drivers

  • Benefits of using drivers to forecast

  • Sensitivity testing

  • Benefits and limitations of more complex forecast.


Breakeven analysis – 15 Mins

  • Understand level of sales required to breakeven - profit

  • Understand level of sales required to breakeven – cash

  • Understand level of sales required to achieve certain level of profitability


Q&A – 30 mins

  • Recap key content

  • Answer any questions of the group

  • Next steps and resources that can help