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Hustle ... Self-determination to go out there and work it out until you made it.

Building Your Business

Recently we heard about an employer who built up a successful business by focusing on his staff. He shared with us how he did it.

Every three months he would meet each one of them and discuss their personal and business ambitions. He would talk about what they liked and what they didn't like at work.

Knowing their aspirations he could learn how to motivate them. If they wanted to create a business like his, he would tell them they would need to learn how to manage people and he would guide them into positions of responsibility. Read more ...

Take action if you lose your cellphone

As business people, we rely on our cellphones for information as well as communication.

Losing a phone is serious. It's likely to contain all your usefule information - including your passwords for apps and financial accounts. So if you know it's not simply mislaid in a jacket pocket or purse, you need to act fast to protect yourself, your business and data about your clients and friends. Find out more ...

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