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Hustle ... Self-determination to go out there and work it out until you made it.

Embracing self-leadership: Your path to success in life.

Sadly many people are on the hamster wheel of life, letting life happen for them and forgetting how much power and influence they can have over their life.

Understanding Self-Leadership

At its core, self-leadership is about self-awareness, self-motivation, and self-direction. It empowers individuals to recognise their strengths, weaknesses, and emotions, enabling them to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities effectively.


Inheritances and relationship property

Any funds or assets which a person receives as an inheritance could be classed as relationship ('matrimonial') assets in the event of their relationship ending (either by their death or by break-up) if the funds or assets are mingled with other relationship property or used by both parties in the relationship.


Paid Parental leave

The Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987 provides minimum entitlements, rights, and protections for employees during pregnancy and while they’re on parental leave. Self-employed people may also be able to access parental leave entitlements as well depending on their situation and eligibility.



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January 15 2024

April 7 2024

Second instalment of 2024 provisional tax (March balance date except for those who pay provisional tax twice a year)

Terminal tax for 2023 (March, April, May and June balance dates). For all clients except those who have lost their extension of time privilege.

Pay GST for period ended 30 November 2023

Our last day in the office will be 21st December 2023, closing at midday, and we reopen 8th January 2024. Should you anticipate requiring assistance over this period, please check with your regular contact about their availability.

We wish you and your families a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.


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