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Hustle ... Self-determination to go out there and work it out until you made it.

The Nine Essentials of a Good Business

In this issue of the Trial Balance newsletter ...

  • Domestic violence leave is additional to other leave

  • Minimum wage rises

  • Check on ACC

  • Don't make customers hit the red button

  • Get ti right and save money when winding up

  • Put transactions through one business account

  • Donations rebates

  • 65+ Kiwisaver

  • Hire for attitude

  • Don't become a dependent business

  • GST - be careful with your timing

  • The quick snail mail

  • Protecting & future proofing your Business and your Retirement

  • DIY'ers risk losing out on tax credits

  • Facebook can kill your job

  • Take care with tax when winding up your business

  • Losses from rental properties

  • R&D tax incentive passes third reading


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